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The Coronavirus: what to do?

We have been hearing about this virus more and more as it is spreading around the globe causing all sorts of problems as well as fatalities. The questions that I am sure are going through everyone’s mind are whether the situation is really as bad as it seems, is this virus as deadly as it appears, or whether there is a bit of media hysteria. The short answer is that really it is a little bit of both. Here is why:

Coronavirus versus regular flu virus

Let’s compare the coronavirus to the annual flu viruses that hit the world every fall and winter. Some flu viruses are stronger than the others; therefore, more of the population are affected some years than others. Also, symptoms vary from virus to virus and that is why the medical establishment recommends a flu shot every year. The flu vaccines have new sets of the most predominant viruses of that season in them. These are injected into our bodies in the hope of immunizing our system with a microdose of the viruses. From an alternative medical perspective, this practice is not only unnecessary, but also detrimental to our immune system in the long term, and to our overall health.

The coronavirus just happens to be a very strong virus compared to the usual ones we see. It has a very yang characteristic; it moves and spreads fast, and is strong. There have been other strong viruses in the last decade, such as SARS, MERS, and Zika, and it is likely that we will see more in the near future. They are by-products of an era of being drastically out of tune with the environment and nature. In some ways, these viruses are comparable to the state of the planet, the wildfires, floods and the rest, as well as being a result of climatic changes. This can seem to be all doom and gloom but it need not be. The solutions are simple and plenty on an individual basis, both for protecting ourselves as well as the planet.

When it comes to a regular cold or flu, there is a tendency for people to assume nothing has really happened and carry on living life as usual. Resting and taking time off takes second place to not losing time from work or other activities. This fact alone is the single most important cause of long-term chronic health conditions that wreak havoc on the body. The original flu virus lingers in the system and weakens it, eventually causing health conditions such as auto-immune disorders, as well as cancers.

A healthy person with a strong immune system can overcome conditions such as the coronavirus, as thousands have, but if there is underlying weakness in the immune system, respiratory system, digestive system, or if they are simply run down, there is less leeway. The person can succumb to the condition through not knowing how to deal with it, or by thinking they can go about their normal business.



Recommendations in yin & yang

Given the yang nature of the disease, some yin measures are required. Yang is active, fast, ferocious, destabilizing, destructive and consuming. Yin is passive, supportive, nourishing, slow and restful. Therefore, the solution is very simple:

  • We need to slow down, take time off and understand that we are sick.
  • When we are sick we also need to change our diet. In order to recover, our diet needs to be simple and devoid of sticky or stimulating foods.
  • Sugar, gluten, dairy, rich greasy (though not healthy fats) foods should be avoided because of their sticky qualities.
  • Hot spicy foods, coffee, alcohol and other stimulants are also to be avoided due to their drying qualities.
  • Using spices in moderation in cooking is perfectly fine, but can be drying to the system in large amounts.
  • Avoid raw and cold foods so the body can stay warm and strong.
  • We are trying to keep the body well hydrated (yin) through rest and with nourishing and hydrating foods such as porridge, soups, stews, and casseroles.
  • Eating quick foods such as pastas, pizzas, sandwiches are not appropriate while you are trying to fight off a strong virus.  

You might notice that many of these recommendations are also general recommendations for anyone who is suffering from any long-term chronic health conditions, as well as for maintaining general health in healthy people. If you are managing a chronic health condition at this time, check in with yourself and see if you are doing too much in your life, or if you have too many projects on the go. 

These measures are more pertinent and applicable especially as we transition into spring. The change of seasons from winter to spring can dredge up dormant energies in our system and can create a bit of an energetic instability. So simplify, and get centred, by slowing down and being as prepared as one can possibly be. 

The most important thing at these times of uncertainties and apparent chaos all about us is to stay centred and focused. 


Armin Madani-Nejad


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