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Armin took me in as a client on very short notice and helped me through a very troubling time. I fell (slid off the curb) and came very hard on my chest. Over a period of time I developed a dry cough then hiccups. The hiccups wouldn’t stop for over two weeks. My vocal chords were completely raw.

During my first visit (I only had to wait a couple of days), even though he was quite busy he found a way to fit me in. He called me at home. Our conversation alleviated a great deal of stress. I felt like I was in good hands moving forward. At the office, during my treatments at the office I learned lots about natural health. I learned which foods to avoid and which foods are safer to eat. It didn’t take very long to reverse my condition once I started the protocols. My family doctor did not know how to help me

I now have a good handle on the hiccups and the stress that I used to live under is gone for the most part. Brian G.

Four years ago, after trying so many different treatments and health professionals to address many health problems, I heard a co-worker advice: “Give yourself a chance”. He was talking about Armin, the acupuncturist he was seeing for quite some time. Well, I just followed his advice 4 years ago and today I have a vague memory about the long list of the issues that drove me there. By the way, I am a 58 years old woman that has been throughout menopause, fibromyalgia, back problems, etc. My life changed completely, sometimes I recall some pains and discomforts that had been my “partners” for so long and then I realize they are not there anymore, its’ a very good feeling. Armin is not just an amazing professional that is consistently investing his time in studies for new techniques and upgrades in his field; he is as well a spectacular human being always looking for a way to help his patients.  I have referred him so many friends with no regrets and some of them are with Armin for long time as well. Actually, my desire, sometimes, is to drag some friends to his office because I know that he can help them (those one that are scared about needles).Z.B.


I met Armin serendipitously fours years back while suffering from tinnitus.  I came across armin’s brochure while waiting for another practitioner in the clinic he works at.  after approaching him and asking a few questions, I felt compelled to give tcm a second chance, as I had previously had an unfavourable experience, and had also been disappointed by doctors and specialists.
Thankfully, just after a few treatments of acupuncture and shiatsu, combined with some nutrition/lifestyle changes, my tinnitus decreased significantly.  I was so grateful to finally experience some peace again.
That was my initial positive experience with Armin.  After that I have sought Armin out for sinus problems , post partem issues,  anxiety, and for general well being and have not been let down.
Armin is very knowledgeable and skilled, as he successfully treats a wide array of illnesses.  I say this with confidence as that has been my experience with him.  It is due to his expertise, positive outcomes, and his genuine desire to ease the physical, mental, and emotional misery of his patients that keeps me going back to him. R.D.

Armin is extremely knowledgable, patient and kind. He really gets to the root cause of an ailment or condition in addition to treating the symptoms short term. He is intuitive and really cares about his patients and I have sent my best friends to see him as well. E.M.


I have been to several other holistic practitioners, naturopaths, homeopaths, etc., but never have I experienced such thorough, comprehensive care as I have with Armin. He truly does look at the big picture and works out a treatment plan which aims to bring the whole body and Being back into a state of optimal health.Armin incorporates other tried and true modalities into his practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, such as homeopathy and Ayurveda, in order to provide patients with the type of treatment that will work best for them. He has helped me with various conditions, both chronic and acute, including digestive issues, joint pain, deep bruising, and shoulder issues. I once hobbled into his office with menstrual cramps so bad I could not stand up. I left there standing tall. He can find a tender, painful spot in my abdomen, then put a needle in my foot and the pain disappears.
Armin is incredibly intuitive and I can tell he can really read what is going on in my body. He also has a way of discerning when something is weighing on my heart and mind and has helped me recover from heartache and loss. Yes, there are needle points and herbs for those things too.
Armin is conscientious in his treatment plans and always mindful of his patients’ budgets and willing to do whatever he can to work effectively within them. It is clear that his motivation comes from a genuine desire to bring balance and well-being to others.
All this adeptness and Armin also brings a great sense of compassion, warmth and good humour which make him a pleasure to work with. I consider him my primary care provider. Thank you, Armin! Joy T.


I have been seeing Dr. Armin for acupuncture treatments for about 5 months. In our time together he has deeply assisted my well-being. In our time together he has effectively addressed a number of health issues such as: mild post-neuropathy, skin issues, liver weakness, digestive issues and a generally run-down immune system from over working. In our sessions he has managed to bring my health into balance all the while instructing me on how to maintain good health at home and within my very busy life. Dr. Armin’s treatments are professional, gentle, precise, focused and incredibly effective. It’s very clear from my many sessions with Dr. Armin that he genuinely cares for his patients and is a very gifted health practitioner. Frederick R.


I recommend Armin to anyone interested in acupuncture but there is so much more I’ve gained in the years of treatment provided by him. He is very caring in his approach, incredibly specific and holistic all at the same time. A beautiful balance of working on specific ailments while the whole system gains support and benefit. We have worked through a range of issues with great improvement like weak digestion, neck/shoulder pain and a recent recovery from major surgery. I appreciate the intuitive method he takes to each session, listening carefully to all the details before choosing the ideal treatment. I have received nutritional counseling, acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and homeopathics. I value Armin’s commitment to continuous training in his field, learning and growing his already vast skill set to provide the best to those in his care. Julie B.


Thanks to Armin’s expertise, I was able to truly start living my life.I had struggled with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviours most of my life, and had developed chronic low energy and hormonal imbalances. I just felt physically and emotionally empty, and was finding it harder and harder to find reasons to get out of bed every day. I actually stumbled upon Armin’s clinic when searching for treatment for a shoulder injury, but ended up returning weekly for the aforementioned issues. Within 4 months, I felt like a completely different person – in a good way! In all seriousness: I had energy, I felt happier, the anxious/OCD thoughts decreased dramatically in frequency and strength, my hormones kicked into gear, and my creative inspiration came back. That was just over a year ago, and those positive effects have stuck.Thank you for helping me feel like myself again 🙂 V. S.


I have been seeing Armin for a few years now and he’s treated me for all sorts of issues – painful shoulder, neck and back, sciatica, for hormonal imbalances, for colds, strep throat – you name it! I always leave his clinic feeling better. Armin is hugely knowledgeable, and unlike most acupuncturists, he is qualified in and uses other modalities according to what is needed, so a session could involve shiatsu or Bowen technique along with acupuncture. He can also recommend and advise on diet, homeopathy and lifestyle. He is great at listening and completely open-minded and non-judgmental. I highly recommend him – I wouldn’t go to anyone else now! Rebecca W.


Armin has done wonders for my entire body, specifically my neck and shoulders. I was in a MVA 15 years ago and suffer from ongoing neck issues, Armin has been the only practitioner that has provided pain relief for extended periods of time. Armin takes his time and methodically thinks through the process he is providing, never has 2 sessions been exactly the same because he treats the entire body, not just the targeted area.
All I can say is he is worth going to and if you are holding back because of your fear of needles, don’t let that stop you, he has many other modalities he can use to ease your discomfort. KM

I had a severe shoulder injury and was referred to Armin. Not only is Armin a caring practitioner, he is highly knowledgeable. I refer family and friends to Armin, with confidence, knowing they will have excellent treatment. As did I. Karen L. PhD


My family and I have been seeing Armin for close to 5 years. Whether we receive Acupunture, Cupping or any other specialty to treat sore necks, blood clots, onset of a flu or cold, ear infections, arthritis, back injury, digestive issues, preparing for long travel and over all energy balance, we always walk out feeling more comfotable in our bodies. From day one, we all felt extremely cared for and safe in his gentle hands. His knowledge is both scientific and spiritual in ways that leave you feeling comfortable, in control and informed. He is gentle with children, honest and always encourages you to make the best choice that you can live with. That said, I am always realizing that his opinion and belief is indeed that right choice for my body. With Armin, learning is a pleasure and I always feel like I have been touched by an angel. I have referred many friends, reiki clients and yoga students to him and they have found the healing and care that they were hoping for. You have clicked on a page that has opened you to a healing journey that you will never regret. Enjoy. Elana E.


I have seen Armin multiple times over the past 3 years for various reasons including  stabilizing my Crohn’s disease, healing a blood clot in my arm and preparing me for travel. Each time, he has used his abundant knowledge of the body, mind and soul to patiently and skillfully attend to my issues and has gone as far as relating his treatments to the Ayurvedic experience I already have. Armin is honest, ethical and kind, healing every being from his heart. I recommend his expertise and soothing touch to anyone looking for preventative medicine or a natural treatment for their health. Trish B.

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