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Vaccination and Immunization

With the talk of potential vaccines filling a good chunk of the news these days, it will be only a matter of time before they become available for use against the Covid-19 virus. Given the level of fear and concern in the general populace with regards to this virus, it is good to go over some very basic understanding of how vaccination works and what you need to be aware of, and do, should you choose to get vaccinated for this or any other virus in the future.

The concept of immunization or micro-exposure is not a new concept. It has been around for a long time, though in a lot less sophisticated way. The idea is to introduce a microdose of the virus in a controlled manner into the system in the hope of allowing the immune system to become familiar with it, and come up with coping mechanisms, without being overwhelmed or caught off guard.


Whether the virus is introduced to the body through an injection or by natural exposure, the end result is a foundational and constitutional change on a very deep level, that of DNA. Viruses, regardless of their strength, are agents of change on an individual level as well as on the level of the human species. So what does it mean when we say agents of change!?


Agents of Change


As we evolve on an individual level, as well as evolving as a species, we are constantly encountering stimuli that shape our evolution. These factors are varied in strength and come in multitudes. Viruses are simply one such factor that cause change and invite us to re-examine ourselves and our relationship with our life and the universe at once. If we are going too fast for our own good, we need to pay attention and “change” things before an agent of change brings that change upon us, making us slow down. This is irrespective of whether a virus comes about naturally or is seemingly made in the lab. Either way it acts as an agent of change.


The role of the vaccine, especially with Covid-19, is to bypass that necessary change. As we humans are not perfect and are set in our ways that, for the most part, go against the natural rhythms of the universe, we come up with ingenious ways to maintain our way of life and not shake the boat—ways that are increasingly out of tune with nature and the universe. We are designed to self-preserve and the concept of vaccination is an attempt at this built-in mechanism regardless of its pros and cons.


Vaccination Tips:


Should you choose to vaccinate for Covid-19, seasonal flu or any other viruses, the following measures will allow your system to deal with such agents of change more effectively.


  • Do not get vaccinated if you are already sick with a cold, flu or any other acute condition. Wait until you are back to your normal self.

  • For several days before, during and after vaccination, keep to a very simple diet devoid of burdensome foods such as gluten, dairy and sugar, as well as foods that are too rich or greasy. Keep the system light!

  • During this time, avoid stimulants such as coffee, chocolate, alcohol, spicy foods and sugars.

  • Ensure that your bowels are working smoothly, at least for the few days before and after.

  • Take it easy and slow down during this time period to allow for better assimilation of the process of change.

  • Different people will have different reactions to vaccination depending on their constitution as well as pre-existing health conditions. Only through mindfulness and awareness can we gracefully assimilate these changes.

  • Vaccinations in general are meant to create an immune response in the form of a mild inflammation or fever. This is a normal reaction and should not be suppressed with medication. Failure to allow for this immune response to be expressed will have long lasting consequences.


Of course, we do not need viruses or vaccines to create change in our lives on an individual level. This can be done by simply slowing down, centering, being aware and receptive to the messages from our surroundings that prompt us to change on a gradual and sustainable level. Viruses are around at all times and will continue to be around. Vaccines, however, are an individual choice.

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