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Immunity and Overall Health

We are living in unprecedented times. There is a great deal of uncertainty, fear and hysteria in response to an external factor that, rather than being a teacher and a guide to us, has been turned into a tool for mass control, diversion and division. This is not to say that Covid-19 is not a serious virus or a potential health hazard. Rather that there are many measures we can take to boost our immune system and maintain our mental and emotional wellbeing in these very challenging times. The current vaccination protocols are potentially adding some limited short-term immunity; we do not, however, know enough about their long-term side effects, especially given the current trend of continued boosters at the rate of twice annually, if not more.


While the mainstream media focuses on new variants, infection rates and vaccination protocols, and sows the seeds of anxiety and panic, it is useful to know that we can empower ourselves and strengthen our immunity with very basic tools. These are time-tested measures that have helped humanity throughout history. For a variety of reasons, these basic recommendations are simply being overlooked by the mainstream media. Nor are the real reasons and solutions being addressed: environmental degradation, over-consumption, and living life out of tune with nature. The immune system is not a component or system of the body that works independently of the rest of the body, nor the external environment. Immunity is intertwined with our digestive, hormonal, circulatory and nervous systems, as well as our mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental wellbeing.





Basic Immune System Measures


  • SLEEP: Ensure that you get adequate rest. It is extremely important that we get enough sleep. Going to bed too late and waking up early is a recipe for all sorts of health issues but especially weakened immunity. All organs and tissues of the body regenerate and replenish during adequate sleep. If you are waking up tired or unrested, you are either not getting enough sleep or your system is not balanced.
  • MEALS: Have regular meal times. Regularity means predictability for our nervous system which allows us to stay calm. Regular meal times mean we do not need to spend unnecessary energy figuring out when the next meal time will be. This spared energy can then be used towards our immunity.
  • DIET: Simplify your diet. Nowadays, our diets are far too complex for our digestive system. Too much sugar, wheat, dairy, processed, de-natured foods, poor quality oils, spicy foods, stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and chocolate – all contribute to an inflammatory process in our gut. This ever-present inflammation induces a net energy loss on the body as it tries to fight and reduce the inflammation with all its resources. This precious energy could, instead, be used for immunity.
  • EXERCISE: A reasonable level of physical activity on a daily basis is necessary for good circulation and to ensure that energy does not stagnate and generate a build-up of toxins in our system. People often assume that physical activity must entail breaking a sweat for a period of 20-30 minutes, if not longer. It is not necessary at all to break a sweat and in fact, doing so in excessive amounts is a net stress on the system. The fluids in our sweat come from our blood and the water content of our body. When we lose it in a short span of time by putting the body under stress, we are depleting our system and stressing the adrenals. While people feel good with vigorous exercise as it pumps adrenaline into our bloodstream, this feel-good factor is usually followed by a crash as all the pumped-up hormones settle down and the body finds itself in a state of exhaustion. Daily 15-20 minutes of gentle stretching, yoga, taichi, qigong or brisk walking are generally sufficient to keep the body supple and vibrant.
  • BREATH: Breathing and breath work are one of the most fundamental tools that we have to help ourselves all round, and our immune system in particular. Due to our fast-paced lifestyle, stress and nonstop mental activity, we tend to forget to take deep belly breaths. Our breaths do not go past our chest due to tension at the diaphragm. Each breath is meant to comfortably expand our belly, massaging and enhancing our core energetically. When the breath is cut off from our energetic core, life is not renewed with each breath, making us tap into our reserves to energize the body. The excessive use of mask wearing is very damaging in this regard as well.
  • EMOTIONS: Lastly, one of the most detrimental contributors to low immunity and vitality in general is fear. Fear is a cold emotion that makes us freeze and contract. Immunity is a function of energy and warmth. The two are polar opposites. The more we live our lives in a state of fear and anxiety, be it of Covid-19 or life itself, the less vitality and fewer reserves we have for a healthy immune system and a meaningful and fruitful life.


While there are many other measures that we can implement in our daily lives, the above are some of the most basic that can be far more beneficial in terms of our immunity than any medical immunization or by taking multitudes of commercial ‘natural’ supplements.





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