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Seasonal Health Tips

Health Tips for Spring and How to Adapt to the Season

Spring is well upon us. There is a great deal of back and forth as nature tries to establish the new season; the effects of spring are under way and influencing all aspects of our being. Traditionally, spring equinox is a time of turmoil and sudden changes as the dormant energies of winter awaken and come up to the surface; a process during which a lot can get dredged up. In a nutshell, spring can be a challenging time for general health.

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Embracing Yin in the Winter Season

Winter is here! This is the most Yin time of the year when the energy in the environment and our bodies goes deep and internal. Do not be surprised if you find yourself wanting to sleep for longer or simply not wanting to do much. This is normal: it’s a time of reflection and introspection. What is not so natural is the holiday season craze on the commercial level, the hustle and bustle of the big shopping days, and the stress that can go with that. There is nothing wrong with having some excitement and fun family activity; it does bring much needed warmth to a long deep freeze. The problem is, as always, the scale with which one can get carried away when we are really meant to be mostly quiet and internal.

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Summer health tips!

Of the two polarities that exist in nature, summer represents the maximum yang. Theoretically nature is at its maximum yang at summer solstice (June 21st). In reality though, the very hot days of summer may start sooner or later. In summer, the energy is rising, expanding and going outwards and upwards.  This is a very active time of the year, as opposed to winter (yin) when everything is contracting and going inwards and downwards. While this expansion is full of life and energy, it does pose potential challenges that can affect our health either during the season itself or further ahead when it comes to the change of season to fall.

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How to Boost the Immune System for the Fall

The time of transition in nature is again upon us. This time, from the maximum yang, heat, and expansive energy and activity, nature starts going towards yin, the interior, contractive energy and the beginning of stillness before winter, the time of maximum yin. Not surprisingly, this time of year is actually welcomed by many people. The transition into a more yin, still and internal state gives us a chance to slow down from the full-on activities of the summer.

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Are Cleanses and Detox Programs Actually Good For You?

At this time of year there seems to be a natural urge to look into our health. This is usually prompted by the change of season as the environment around us comes out of the cold stagnancy of winter and we realize that somehow, instinctively, we do not seem to have what it takes to keep up with the change. Rather than feeling well, given the change into spring, we are lagging behind, or perhaps just not feeling optimal. As always, the change of season will be a tricky time for most of us. If we were not taking care of ourselves in winter, by slowing down as nature would have liked us to, then the transition will be more challenging.

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To Supplement or Not To Supplement?

To supplement or not to supplement, that is the dilemma. Supplements nowadays are big business and there are multitudes of them out there. The consumer is faced with many options from good old vitamins and minerals, to all-the-rage superfoods. How to choose from this array of items that promise good health, vitality and vibrancy? The answer to this question is not straightforward but the following points might help you understand.

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